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Disaster recovery, mitigation and survival strategies for a range of potentialy devastating business risks.
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What we offer is to guide you comprehensively through your Plan. In this way it will be tested and any amendments necessary will have been made. So if the worst happens you know that the damage will be kept to a minimum. After all it is not having the disaster that is the important factor, but dealing with it effectively.

LONDON / UKĀ  +44 (0) 7881 097995


Protect What Matters

Are you, as a business, depending on IT ?:

1. Unsure what survival risks you are actually running ?

2. Concerned that you are not protecting all that matters ?

3. Wonder how to can make disaster less likely ?

4. If the worst does happen do you have a plan ?

5. Worried that you are especially vulnerable to cyber attack ?

Bewitched, bothered and bewildered by IT Standards and Regulations ? 

Then contact

We have been there, learnt through our mistakes, got it right
and remembered.

We have made those mistakes so you don’t have to.

None of us are perfect but Blunders can and will get you closer.


Put Our Experience To The Test

We offer DISASTER RECOVERY PLANNINGĀ services for you and your company


LONDON / UK +44 (0) 7881 097995

Mission Statement is established to provide Disaster Recovery planning advice to organisations operating at risk. Blunders focusses on the recovery of IT service and the resilience of data management within the context of Business Continuity.

Experience, both good and bad, gained by Blunders over the years is deployed to the benefit the Client. The approach depends on co-operation between the Client and Blunders with the Client becoming empowered to manage and run recovery.