What is it ?
• An inventory of all elements necessary to the business operation
• The sites, the buildings, the car parks
• The hardware, software, data,
• The staff, the skills
• A report on the likelihood of business failure
• Loss of local infrastructure (power, flood, fire…)
• Loss of own site facilities (staff access, IT, telephony…)
• Loss of vendor services (IT, specialist support…)

How does it work ?
• For each critical element determine the level of risk
• Use existing wisdom (Google, local authorities, emergency services)
• Prepare a simple list of the most threatened elements

Limitations of scope... things not covered
• Business health – correct choice of product and strategy
• National economy – such as the impact of Brexit
• Investment not related to Information Technology

Blunder points ?
• Thinking too wide – don’t try to cover mass extinction events
• Thinking too narrow – your business is part of its environment
• Being too precise – let risks just be High, Medium or Low

What next ?
Business Impact Analysis