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What is it ?

• Summary of service loss impact for each application in terms of:
     o Loss of revenue, prestige or market share
     o Loss of legal compliance
     o Loss of input to, or processing from, other applications

• A definition of how important each IT application is to the business
     o High Importance – must have a fast recovery plan (hours)
     o Medium Importance - should have a recovery plan (days)
     o Low Importance – could have a recovery plan (weeks)

• A statement of the required recovery performance
     o Recovery Time Objective (RTO)
     o Recovery Point Objective (RPO)
     o Dependency on the recovery of other applications

How does it work ?
• For each application determine the impact of service loss
• Use business related input first then technical verification
• For each application agree an Importance level and an RTO/RPO

Blunder points ?
• Budget – the faster the recovery the more it will cost
• Geek – the Business may not understand the Technology
• Box Ticking – experienced BIA staff must guide and drive the Analysis

What next ?
Resilient Design


LONDON / UK +44 (0) 7881 097995

Mission Statement is established to provide Disaster Recovery planning advice to organisations operating at risk. Blunders focusses on the recovery of IT service and the resilience of data management within the context of Business Continuity.

Experience, both good and bad, gained by Blunders over the years is deployed to the benefit the Client. The approach depends on co-operation between the Client and Blunders with the Client becoming empowered to manage and run recovery.