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What is it ?

• Risk reduction by designing a recovery capability into each service.
     o At the site level facilitate an alternate building
     o At the server level facilitate High Availability
     o At the human level facilitate multiple heads per skill

• Analysis of resources to highlight existing Single Points of Failure
     o An alternate data path from each end user to each application
     o More than one support staff for each path and application
     o A tested and verified back-up source of data

• A requirement for resilience as part of the development cycle
     o Based in the BIA requirement
     o Resilience intrinsic to the design and build of the application
     o The requirement is included with the development budget

How does it work ?
• Avoid Single-Points of Failure (SPoF) in new services
• Seek out and eliminate SPoF in existing services
• Apply SPoF rules to vendor products and services

Blunder points ?
• Assuming resources are safe and available through time
• Regarding resilience as a design afterthought
• Thinking service providers think as you do

What next ?
Disaster Recovery Planning and Rehearsal


LONDON / UK +44 (0) 7881 097995

Mission Statement is established to provide Disaster Recovery planning advice to organisations operating at risk. Blunders focusses on the recovery of IT service and the resilience of data management within the context of Business Continuity.

Experience, both good and bad, gained by Blunders over the years is deployed to the benefit the Client. The approach depends on co-operation between the Client and Blunders with the Client becoming empowered to manage and run recovery.