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What is it ?

• A strategic order of recovery plan
     o Physical site recovery or replacement
     o Re-deployment of essential skill base
     o Recovery of IT infrastructure and services

• A tactical step-by-step recovery plan for each vital element
     o Recovery sequence based on strategy and BIA
     o Recovery of applications within RTO
     o Recovery of data within RPO

• A verification of the DR Plan by full regular rehearsal and spot check
     o Recovery performance based on the BIA requirement
     o A test of recovery documentation not of recovery skill
     o As close a simulation of a real disaster as business will allow

How does it work ?
• Retrieve DR documentation only from the DR Repository
• Run Rehearsal from DR documentation and update as required
• Independent DR-wise observers verify the process

Blunder points ?
• Skilled staff bypassing DR documentation or working beyond it
• DR system not up to date due to incomplete change management
• Failure to report on lessons learnt and update the DR Repository

What next ?
Proactive Cyber Defence


LONDON / UK +44 (0) 7881 097995

Mission Statement is established to provide Disaster Recovery planning advice to organisations operating at risk. Blunders focusses on the recovery of IT service and the resilience of data management within the context of Business Continuity.

Experience, both good and bad, gained by Blunders over the years is deployed to the benefit the Client. The approach depends on co-operation between the Client and Blunders with the Client becoming empowered to manage and run recovery.