What is it ?

• A strategic order of recovery plan
     o Physical site recovery or replacement
     o Re-deployment of essential skill base
     o Recovery of IT infrastructure and services

• A tactical step-by-step recovery plan for each vital element
     o Recovery sequence based on strategy and BIA
     o Recovery of applications within RTO
     o Recovery of data within RPO

• A verification of the DR Plan by full regular rehearsal and spot check
     o Recovery performance based on the BIA requirement
     o A test of recovery documentation not of recovery skill
     o As close a simulation of a real disaster as business will allow

How does it work ?
• Retrieve DR documentation only from the DR Repository
• Run Rehearsal from DR documentation and update as required
• Independent DR-wise observers verify the process

Blunder points ?
• Skilled staff bypassing DR documentation or working beyond it
• DR system not up to date due to incomplete change management
• Failure to report on lessons learnt and update the DR Repository

What next ?
Proactive Cyber Defence